We are very excited to welcome back Devadas & Roshni for a special Sunday afternoon of call and response chanting, called kirtan, at Prema!


Kirtan is call & response singing of mantras, usually in Sanskrit, but not limited to. The root of the word kirtan means “to cut”. So, in singing together we are cutting through layers of sadness or disconnection, and opening up to inner peacefulness and joy. You don’t need to have any kirtan experience to attend. Join us!
DEVADAS is a devotee, singer/songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn. He began making music as a teenager in his hometown of Portland, ME. After moving to NYC in the early 90′s, he became interested in eastern spirituality, and met his Guru, Amma. Under Her inspiration, he began the regular practice of bhajan, traditional Hindu call and response devotional singing, leading kirtans all over New York, the East Coast and India. He has recorded a wide variety of CDs and is working on his latest recording, Brooklyn Mellows.

DECEMBER 20TH, 3:30PM-4:30PM

By Donation $10 Suggested