Introducing Prema Home

Our Boutique Offering

We are so excited to be offering a new retail element to Prema called Prema Home. Amanda has curated items ranging from skin care products to home decor to sustainable goods from local designers she loves—modestly priced and made with heart and pure intention. Plus lots of Prema Home swag, special trinkets she’s discovered on retreats with the Prema community to India, Morocco, Peru and a soon-to-be-debuted Vintage section.

For now, feel free to explore in studio during open hours. Walk-in boutique hours are now Mondays 1–3pm in addition to before/after class times.

Up next, online availability and eventually a retail store!

To reinforce our strong initiative to give back to the community, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to local and global charities we support.

Some of what we carry:
Alicia Marilyn Designs
Amanda Hunt Jewelry
Bambu Home
Charm & Magic
The Goddess Line
Good Living is Glam
Jane, Inc.
Marble & Milkweed
Mizu Brand
The Moon Deck
Sew & Cloth
Tulsi by Tara Hogan
and more...

Email us at if there is a product you want more info on or to purchase.