Our Classes


For those new to the practice or wanting a fresher upper Prema style. Lots of introduction and repetition geared towards getting you ready to safely join Prema Complete. Poses, breath awareness and yogic fundamentals are introduced and broken down in Vinyasa style emphasizing Prema principles of correct alignment, steady breath, ease and joy.


The Prema Complete toned down a notch. 75 minutes and geared toward practitioners of ALL levels.


All the fullness of the Complete Practice with special attention to the architecture of the poses and the use of different muscle groups within a moving sequence. Expect dedication to alignment and how to bring elements of structural safe movement and expression to this beautifully flowing practice.

Community Class

Community classes are led by recent grads of our 200 hour immersion. Come support their journey into teaching while making some space for your practice.


The soul of Prema. These classes will incorporate many essential components at the heart of the Prema practice into one full and complete class. Expect vigorous and sweaty, clear, instructional Vinyasa, meditation, chanting, spiritual teachings, effective use of music, aromatherapy/oils/touch and elements of restorative with enough time for a lengthy rest. We hope to leave you feeling completely rejuvenated, refreshed, inspired and light.  Students should have at least 1 consistent year of practice.


A little yoga, a lotta love. This is a fun addition to the Prema line up with Amanda Schoppe. Yoga uses a lot of the same muscle groups to make us strong, supple and lean. In this hybrid class, we’ll work more! Join Amanda for a high octane workout that uses music to bring our bodies into the beat and our minds into our hearts. Begin with cardio, move through strengthening exercises for the whole body and end with deep stretching, seated meditation and savasana to center and balance us. Sneakers will be worn for first part of class. Mats are used, so bring your own or rent. No need to go to the gym. We’re bringing it to you.

Evening Practice

A full class designed to invigorate and then settle the nervous system for a healthy balanced alignment with the natural rhythms of nature. Options for practitioners of ALL levels.


Prema Complete with emphasis on inversions, arm balances and transitions.  

Katonah inspired

Katonah Yoga is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination—in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being.


Weekly one-hour dance inspired movement and toning class where music is Queen. A unique blend of warm up, high intensity cardio, sculpting and cool down will blend all the elements of the funnest dance classes without any dance experience necessary! Kick off your week claiming space in your body and keen attention to your heart in this new Prema addition taught by Clea Starkes. Bring sneakers/workout shoes. Mats are used, so bring your own or rent.

Pilates Mix

A Clea Starkes creation, this dynamic fusion class blends the modalities of yoga, contemporary Pilates, stretching, and athletic conditioning. Musically inspired sequencing will heat up our cores and build strength from the center out. Come smile, sweat and play!


A class designed to guide you in strength, presence and spaciousness of body, mind and heart during all stages of pregnancy. Connection through modified vinyasa flow, wall postures, breath exercises, yin, restorative, meditation and a deep mother-baby savasana coalesce to make this a rejuvenating and soothing session for you and your baby. Please note that AC is not available at the Carroll Gardens location, however practice can be modified to cool body and mind, with time for rest and water breaks as individually needed.


Less time, just as complete.  + Classes that have an additional optional 15 minutes emphasizing meditation, restorative or chanting. For those pressed for time, you may leave after the asana portion or stay and enjoy all!


Soothe the nervous system with the invitation to do less, relax, and yes, restore.

New to Restorative? This approach usually involves only 5 or so poses, such as gentle twists, forward folds and backbends, held for 5-20 minutes each, with the comfortable support of props and the floor. This can be challenging for beginners, though beneficial for all, because the mind doesn’t necessarily settle into stillness along with the body. However, with practice and patience, Restorative provides the kind of complete rest that can be so rare.

Rise & Shine

Set the tone for your day with simplicity, clarity and space. These classes are Prema Quickies sequenced with balance in mind. Options for practitioners of ALL levels.

SLOW it Down

Sunday evening class is a deep, meditative asana flow followed by restorative and meditation. This is time you gift yourself to open, release, and set or clarify your intention for the week—to realign your awareness with what is real and constant within you. You will sweat, but you will also rest and restore deeply. Quiet mind, open heart, toned nervous system.


A unique class designed by Prema’s Amanda Harding.  All of the components of our Complete using the guidance of the wall for both support, depth and feedback.  Combines the vigor of Vinyasa with the alignment of Iyengar.  


Explore a quieter side of the physical practice of yoga... deep yet passive stretching meet supported poses to calm the nervous system. Leave feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead.

Yoga Half & Half

A Prema original taught by Sophie Kos. In this class, expect a mix of traditional yoga postures and functional movement designed to connect you to your own personal rhythm. We’ll stir it up, push it out and build on sequences to the beat. Lengthy savasana completes.

Not currently on schedule

5 + 1

A semi-private class with Amanda Harding. Join with 5 other members of the Prema community for this exclusive Friday evening offering. Enjoy the personal attention this intimate setting will provide plus the wonderful group experience of sharing your practice with others.  Arrive to your mat, props and lavender scented towel laid out for you. Settle into the candlelit and early evening beauty of our Prema studio, and each week be led in your practice by Amanda, joined by extra assistance by a Prema Yoga graduate. Leave with a calming freshly brewed organic tea and biscuit.

Advanced Complete

Join us for a journey into the Advanced Complete practice. Be guided and supported from a senior teacher invested in nurturing the skills and spirit of longtime students and teachers. Help be a part of building a genuine, inclusive, and supportive community while creating space for your own inquiry and personal practice. Expect nuanced discussion. Practice of “advanced” asana not required to participate and benefit. 


Through repetition of a set sequence,  watch as the body, mind and breath unite as postures and the movement between become more steady and clear.


A class designed for the male student in mind! All levels welcome.


Take the practice off the mat and explore meditation, chanting, book clubs, reiki, community gatherings, sound baths, potlucks, philosophy discussion. Most Friday nights we will offer a different gathering. 


30–40 minutes minutes of a guided meditation practice. Style of meditation will vary. Wear loose clothing. Chairs are available.

Private Yoga Sessions

Based upon individual needs, private sessions range from detailed asana guidance and deep adjustments, injury recovery, pre and post-natal yoga, to in-depth meditation instruction. For newer students, private lessons provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal, detailed posture instruction. Experienced practitioners will advance their practice. Email us at info@premayogabrooklyn for pricing info.