Devadas is a kirtaniya, composer, author and artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He leads kirtans throughout the world and has recorded a wide variety of acclaimed CDs, including Brooklyn Mellows, 3 Prayers, Radio Nada, and 2 Strangers, a recent release of duets with his daughter Uma. In 2012, Devadas collaborated with indie-rock icon J Mascis to produce and record the film score for the feature documentary One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das. Devadas produced Nina Rao’s chant album, Antarayaami, and in 2016 launched the Lokah Peace Project, an online and ever-expanding video project aimed at inspiring reflection, empathy and harmony.

To experience more of Devadas' devotional offerings, including The Grand Street Sessions, his 6 hour, live, temple-style kirtan recording, visit His writing can be found at