Earth Day Celebration & Fundraiser Class

with Maria Cutrona 

The proceeds from this class celebrating Earth Day will go to Tainasoy in Aguada, Puerto Rico. The Tainos are the indigenous people of Puerto Rico who came from all over the world. And so too their bees. Tainasoy means we are all Tainos. 

This family of bee keepers has been working with Earthship Biotecture to create a community center built from recycled materials. The final project will support the community as they rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. 

The realization by this community that they must take matters into their own hands to restore their community from this devastating storm rather than depend on the US Government is both inspiring and disheartening. We must all take action on climate change.

We wish to help them and celebrate them on this day honoring the mother of all mothers, The Divine Mother Earth.

Sunday April 28th
10:00–11:25 AM