Harmonium 101 and 102

with Amanda Harding and Bobbie Marchand

When we join sacred sound and mantra together with intention, the result is uplifting, inspirational and a beautiful complement to our practice of asana and seated meditation.

Join Amanda Harding and Bobbie Marchand as they take you from learning the most basic chords to chanting alongside drums and kartals in this Introduction to Harmonium Series.

Designed for students and teachers alike. We will end with a group led kirtan.


The 101 group will be divided according to musical ability. No background required! Just the willingness to jump in.

Saturday May 18th 
1:45–4:15 PM



The 102 group has the basics down, or has a strong musical background (piano and/or ability to read music)—now it’s time to take things up a notch!

Sunday May 19th 
2–4:30 PM