Introduction to Ayurveda

with Keshari Das

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system indigenous to ancient India. It is also a way of life, unconfined by culture, ever relevant today. This wisdom tradition helps us develop subtler awareness of ourselves and our environments, encouraging us to make life-enhancing choices according to our individual and dynamic needs.

In these interactive workshops we will consider basic Ayurvedic principles and explore self-care practices to nurture all five senses.

  • In October, our seasonal focus is balancing Vata Dosha, the vital force which governs movement and communication.

  • In February, balancing Kapha Dosha, which governs stability and growth.

  • In June, balancing Pitta Dosha, which governs digestion and transformation.

Together we will gently ease the passage of body, mind and spirit into each season.

Saturday, October 20 | Vata Season
Saturday, February 9 | Kapha Season
Saturday, June 7 | Pitta Season

2–4 PM

$35 for each workshop, $90 for the series

Carroll Gardens (498 Court Street)