Miriam Wolf

Miriam leads yoga classes designed to create a channel between the physical body and emotional well-being. Her classes have been described as sweat-, joy-, laughter-, and scream-inducing. They are masterfully creative and aim to challenge the student past their own perceived limitations. Her precise knowledge of alignment and anatomy is the foundation of her classes and is balanced by compassionate and personalized hands-in assists. Miriam’s teaching is informed by her personal history as a professional dancer and choreographer, and influenced by years of study of various movement practices across the yoga and fitness spectrum. She currently teaches at Kula Yoga and Park Slope Yoga as well as Prema. Miriam believes that movement is about connection: first, with oneself and one’s body, and ultimately with the greater community and world. Moving one’s body on a daily basis is a foundation for physical and mental health. www.miriamwolfyoga.com