Our Story

Amanda Harding opened Prema Yoga Brooklyn (which means Divine Love in sanskrit) to create a space for yoga practice that is physically dynamic and deeply healing.In this fast-paced world, it is easy to become stressed, overworked, disconnected and tired.  The yoga practice uses the body, breath and mind in a particular manner to help us find energy, peace, dedication and contentment within ourselves and within a like minded community. 

At Prema, we imbue all of our classes with elements that are enjoyable as well as transformational – creative sequencing, real-world spiritual teachings, hands on alignment and music from both contemporary and classical artists.  We honor tradition and, at the same time, blend those traditions with contemporary practices while instilling freedom and light-heartedness and, more than anything else, FUN. From beginners to advanced students, we teach yoga that is accessible and beneficial to all.

Each month we offer special events – including live music performances, meditation workshops, community potlucks and anatomy explorations.

It is our intent that our students feel at home in their bodies and filled with a sense of well-being, steadiness and joy.